SCAN&PLAY 2 01 06 02 07 STOCK The impression assortment is delivered directly from stock, so we can assure you fast deliveries. BATTERIES All electronic devices are supplied with batteries. Ensuring a quick start up! PRINTING Printing information for the gifts in this catalogue can be found throughout the catalogue and in the product information. DIRECT IMPORT The majority of the impression collection can be personalised and ordered directly from the country of origin. SCAN & PLAY Scan this QR code or go to for informative product videos. You will nd the scanplay icon throughout the entire catalogue for selected products. Over 100 videos! ICONS Clear and eye-catching symbols can be found throughout this catalogue to show important information regarding products. Most of our products have many colour options! 076 Sticky notes and desk accessories 096 Portfolios 098 Notebooks 122 Cardholders and wallets PAGE 074 - 129 O ce & Business PAGE 006 - 073 008 Plastic pens 026 Pens with stylus 038 Aluminium pens 044 Markers, pencils and funny pens 058 Eco-style pens 060 Pen sets and cassettes Writing Instruments 234 Beauty and wellness 246 Mints 250 Anti-stress 254 Key chains 271 Wallets Personal & Accessories PAGE 232 - 273 276 (Foldable) Shopping bags 295 Cooler and beach bags 304 Backpacks 322 Sports bags 330 Document and laptop bags 342 Trolleys and travel products PAGE 274 - 357 Bags & Travel Table of contents PEFC The PEFC-certi cation guarantees that the product actually originated from a sustainably managed forest, which also applies to this catalogue.