BPA FREE CADMIUM FREE RoHS SPF15 SUGAR FREE CPNP MADE IN EUROPE N I C K E L SAFE UV400 AZO FREE PHTHALATE FREE COB RFID ECO 1 Not suitable for children under the age of three years Not susceptible to interference from other devices All of our products are BPA free, the material polycarbonate, has not been used Our products are CADMIUM free Our electronic products have been tested for the RoHS directive Our wood products are responsibly treated and user friendly Our ink does not contain any harmful substances Sun factor indicator, complies with the cosmetic resolution Suitable for food and drinks Our umbrellas are free from prohibited colouring dyes Sugar free product Our cosmetic products have been registered at the CPNP portal. Made in Europe Our products are Nickel safe Protection from UV radiation Our products made from plush are suitable for all ages Our assortment only has laser pens placed in an officially allowed class Electric and electronic products are offered separately for waste disposal Our products have no banned AZO dyes Our products are PHTHALATES free The Chip On Board technology uses multiple LED chips to create one very powerful light. Anti-skimming products Eco-style products ALL OF THE GIFTS IN THIS CATALOGUE ARE CERTIFIED! Promotional gifts must comply with strict European laws and regulations. Each type of gift has specific guidelines for this. Our gifts have official certificates that prove that they comply with the European laws and regulations (RoHS, REACH, WEEE, etc.), as well as the social compliance in the field of promotional gifts. 100% CERTIFIED COLLECTION